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There are several steps that need to be undertaken after the decision is made to start your project.


Call Eastcad Design to organise an obligation free consultation meeting to discuss your project with our Directors.

Examples of common types of questions:

  • Can I build units on my block? How many?
  • Will I require a Town Planning Permit?
  • Will I need a permit for my deck/shed?
  • Can I build a second storey extension within my budget?
  • How long does the process take?
  • What's the difference between town planning drawings and working drawings?
  • How much does a plan cost?

 This is your time ask us as many questions as you like and to let us know any ideas and concepts you may have.  We can advise and guide you through the processes required as all projects are individual.  This will involve project viability, realistic time frames, costs and estimates before you even begin.  Eastcad will then do some research and council consultation about your project and a formal quote with the scope of works required and included will be provided.


Once you have made the decision to engage Eastcad to complete your drafting project, you will be contacted by your draftsperson to discuss the project in more detail.  This is a time for you to let us know your visions, requirements and ideas so we can do our best to get your design right from the beginning.  If a concept design is a part of your works, you will be contacted about a design meeting.  The meetings will be held at our office, over the phone or via email.  Eastcad staff will then inspect your site and existing conditions and engage in any external consultants required for your initial design.  ALL Eastcad Designs external consultants are fully licensed for the services they provide our business.  Our staff will at all times do their best to keep you informed of the works that will be conducted and give you frequent updates about your project. 


At this stage we will create and implement the design aspect of your project and get into the specifications of your plans, depending on if your project requires a town planning permit, design or building documentation(working drawings). Once you have approved your concept design we will develop your drawings in more detail:

  • Site Plan
  • Ex/Demo Floorplan
  • Proposed Floorplan
  • Elevations
  • 3D Renders

These will be all drawn to finalise your documentation to either suit the council requirments for a town planning application or a building permit.

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